Michaela Paul Rechtsanwältin

Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual property - from large companies to start-ups: Indications of origin of your own company, protection of uniquely created values and unique characteristics mean lasting success

Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual property rights are one of the largest parts of your business assets, therefore you should secure and protect them. They draw attention to your company and prevent your products and works from being imitated and exploited.

Intellectual property includes the following rights, each of them having a different direction of protection:

Trademark rights,
Business identifiers, such as in particular the company logo,
Geographical indications of origin,

Design rights,


Patent rights for technical inventions and utility model rights and
Plant variety rights.

They are complementing competition law and antitrust regulations.

The idea is not capable of being protected because it is in the public interest. It is therefore important to have its embodiment protected. However, companies have the possibility to protect an idea via contract, such as non-disclosure agreement. If you would like advice on this, please contact me.